We represent credible schools abroad. We facilitate admission placements into any of our partner institutions for qualified students. These schools offer Foundation, Undergraduate and Graduate programmes. We ensure that our represented schools are either visited by our team to ensure credibility.

Our students are assured quality schools that will enable them to work while studying. Most students, depending on the country of study can also apply for resident permit after graduation.


This service is part of visa processing procedure. Some embassies require that you book your visa interview appointment earlier. This can be tedious and most of the time impossible for some people to do. For our clients, we do all we can to assist in getting a seamless appointment date well in advance.


We also offer visa processing services. By this we enable our clients to have an update on the visa application process and procedure. An assigned counselor will assist the client to collate his/her documents and also check the credibility of the documents. We also ensure that clients are advised on several things that can put the visa application on the success lane.


It is a fact that some people do not have travel experience and this can result big hitch when it comes to where to stay during their stay in their desired destination. We assist our Clients in booking hostels and hotel accommodation according to their budget. We partner with JOVAGO.COM on this and always ensure you put JOVAGO043 on the Voucher column on the site to enjoy a discount from us.


We make sure our Clients are not stranded by providing them with taxi’s, buses or shuttle services that will pick them up upon arriving at their destinations. Depending on their choice, they can be returned back to the airport through the same means. We have a way of sourcing for even free transportation to their destination.


Our company sells affordable tickets to any destination throughout the world. For our students and clients, we offer reasonable discounts on their tickets.

Please visit www.irinajo.com


A lot of companies and individuals have approached us in the past for tour packaging either to explore other countries during their annual vacation or for recreation purposes. Some also come for study tour will be geared towards advancing their knowledge in a particular field of study. Most interesting part of this is the call for series of overseas training by group of individuals and companies in countries like United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom and most European countries. We also organize Camp/Summer Tour for different categories of Individuals, most especially young school children.